Management & The Journey of Unity

The Team of Unity

Mr. Jaswant Patel and Jayant Patel, after gaining degree in chemical engineering and valuable experience in the field, entered the Pigment industry in April 1980 with a pigment powder manufacturing Plant. Production commenced in July 1980 itself. In the Next Three Year, we expanded activities to include fifteen products. Today we have more than 50 products to cater various needs of the Paints, Plastics, Prinking Inks, Cosmetics, Leather and Rubber Industries.

Board of Directors

Unity attributes its Leadership status to its strong and active board of directors; relentlessly steer the company ahead with their experience, insight and commitment to good corporate governance.
1) Shri Jaswant Patel
2) Shri Jayant Patel
3) Shri Mayank J. Patel
4) Shri Hardik J. Patel